March 26, 2020 COVID-19 Message to NGEA Members

March 26, 2020 COVID-19 Message to NGEA Members

March 26, 2020 COVID-19 Message to NGEA Members

We know that this has been, at times, inconvenient, confusing and scary.  We know that what we knew last week; is no longer accurate.  We know that tomorrow will be different than today. We know that as an organization and as a community we have needed to adapt and we will have to continue to adapt. You need to know that ATCO and NGEA are in continuous discussions to maintain the integrity of the Collective Agreement but still allow for the flexibility to keep you safe and working.

ATCO management is working hard to continue to provide a compassionate response during these times.  Your NGEA Executive has appreciated the many calls from you to show where successes or need for improvements have occurred.

It has become apparent that this is not business as usual.  In order to keep you and your community safe and to keep your fellow members working there have been necessary changes and there will continue to be more changes.  We are cognizant that there will be a change in the amount and type of work.  In a conversation yesterday, the necessity of having our members work outside of their normal scope of duties was discussed.  The Company might be required to move workers around in an effort to keep you and your fellow NGEA members working and whole.   You may be directed to work outside of your normal duties or roles.  We all agree that safety must and will be the priority. After you ensure that you are safe, competent and knowledgeable to do these tasks, we ask that in these extraordinary times you follow these directives.

There might be requests or opportunities to work outside of your normal working hours or days.  There is the ability in the Collective Agreement (Article 15.09) “by mutual agreement between the employee and the supervisor the normal days work may be rescheduled outside of the hours referred to in Article 15.01 or 15.02 without incurring any overtime payment.”  Originally intended to address family or child care issues it may now be used to address unique shift or schedule issues. Again, for these extraordinary times, we ask that you consider these opportunities and if able or desirable consider a possible change

Your NGEA Executive would like to thank all of you who are taking steps to keep all of us safe. The extra efforts you have taken to look after your fellow workers, members and your community have been inspiring.

There will be changes.  There will be successes.  It will continue to be, at times, inconvenient, confusing and scary.  We are here for you.  We are here together.


Danny Burrell | Business Agent

Natural Gas Employees’ Association (NGEA)

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