of enjoyment as hunting companions in the field and as personable will mature into effective hunting partners and family members. All rights reserved. and starter pistol fire. If you would like to meet a lot of Munsters of all ages/colors/sexes, come as our guest to the Small Munsterlander Fun Hunt held in March every year. dogs, To assist owners in selecting their pups using available. The cost of a Small Munsterlander puppy varies depending on the breeder’s locale, whether the pup is male or female, what titles his parents have, and whether he is best suited for the show ring or a pet home. buyers responsibility to discuss all matters with the breeder prior The Munster (pronunciation: ‘mün-st r)(loosely: ‘moon-stur) can efficiently carry out the duties of a pointer and retriever of both fur and feathered game from land or water. History of the Small Munsterlander HUNTING PHOTOS Testing Photos TRAINING PHOTOS Fun Photos CONTACT US our dogs ~Meet Our Pack~ All of our personal dogs that live with us are hunted on wild game and are our pets in the home. Small Munsterlander Standard of the breed as set forth by the German Verband for Kleine Munsterlander … until they have proven themselves as hunting dogs, have met SMCNA His head is pointed. litter. Images for this breed. as improving your dog's hunting ability. of training versatile hunting dogs, to conduct tests of versatile The Small Munsterlander Pointer: A Complete and Comprehensive Owners Guide to: Buying, Owning, Health, … Read more . Natural Ability Test and/or the Utility Test within the NAVHDA the owner that continued improvements can be made. [Shooting Skills] and proven themselves in sanctioned hunt trails and as hunting NAVHDA Versatile Champion: Hunting Hills' Joker The youngest SM to … A: Cafepress has the best prices for Small Munsterlander Men's T-Shirts, the best selection from designers of tees, and the easiest way to create a custom men’s shirt in the color and size you are after. GREAT DOGS BEGIN WITH A SOUND BREEDING PROGRAM, (click the pictures to view a larger version). The average weight is between 40-60 pounds. The Small Munsterlander originated in Germany. The SMCA is dedicated to preserving the versatility of our breed true to the F.C.I. The Small Munsterlander is a versatile hunting dog and natural retriever with a medium range, solid pointing instinct, and strong desire for the water. More litter announcements coming soon!! The temperament of breeding dogs is expected to be stable making it easy to train and able to be a loving member of his/her family. We'd be happy to visit with you about the Small Munsterlander Gun Dogs, Jim Julson, 22748 471st Ave Colman, SD 57017 :: Cell: (605) 530-0074 This website uses cookies. The sire and dam have been judged free of hip dysplasia and other serious genetic defects. Hunting Dog Association, NAVHDA, was formed with the sepcific This Small Munsterlander Pointer dog breed is affectionate with family, kids, and other dogs alike. To continually evaluate and improve our breeding program by: Using NAVHDA testing to establish breeding criteria, Mating only parents who have met strict health screening With the purchase of a puppy, you will receive a pedigree allowing your pup to train and test within the German Hunting Dog Association, JGHV. It is descended from the long coated German Spaniels and is a spaniel type dog that points game. However, if you consider adopting, it will cost a lot lesser which is around $300. improve our breeding program. We also own or co-own several dogs that live with good friends of ours or hunting acquaintances. such tet for all interested persons. Your Pup’s Price Tag A Small Munsterlander puppy of pet quality will cost about $800 from a trustworthy breeder but that could go up a lot for a dog from a top breeder. As the owner, testing your pup, you acquire a better trained [Temperament & Aptitude Evaluation] [History] The Gundog breed group . These qualities are enhanced by intelligence and trainability. Everything you wanted to know about small munsterlander pointer hunting dogs including what they are, breeders, breeding program, puppies for sale, kennels, puppy temperament and aptitude testing and history. [Puppy Availability] Do not use disreputable breeders like backyard breeders or pet stores, or puppy mills. the hunter to train his dog to work before and after the shot, NAVHDA comprehensive [Started Dog Availability] It is only through the spirit of Four Point Kennels is owned and operated by Tanner Rosia, who breeds Small Munsterlander’s, a versatile hunting dog. Elegant belt of strong and consistent material, moderate size, consistent proportions that define its quality. Since our puppies are placed in hunting homes across the USA Free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl hunter. Its hunting abilities, stable nature, functional form and robust health enable the dog to fulfill hunting requirements before and after the shot. Their coats can be liver and white, liver-white ticked, or roan. From www.julsonkennel.com a guide to the small musterlander pointing gun … The Small Munsterlander was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2006. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read the breed standard . testing that truly considers versatility in the field provide Because some of the information concerning numbers and other statistics have changed since 1985, some questions have not been posted. We purchased our first Small Munsterlander (SM) in 1995 & we got our second SM in 2006 & now we know why our SM friends told us, "You will never have just one Small Munsterlander!" As early as 1904, there was speculation that the Small Munsterlander was actually a local variety of the Brittany or, at the very least, a descendant of French dogs brought to Westphalia in the early 1800s by the soldiers of Napoleon’s army. American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). I am running her in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test the weekend of May 31. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. and aptitude evaluation, North American Versatile Expect to be put on a waiting list especially for breeders that are in demand. Small Munsterlander Puppies For Sale by Small Munsterlander Breeders, Trainers and Kennels Connecting buyers and breeders with hunting dog classified ads for selling bird dog puppies, started and finished gun dogs for sale. The Small Munsterlander was developed in the early years of the 20th century by crossing the Large Munsterlander with spaniels. is the Small Munsterlander] With the help of our partner,Tom McDonald, who first imported the breed into the U.S., and Kris Hill, we have obtained outstanding breeding stock and imported semen from proven hunting lines. Near the end I have also added a few of my own. I Preis ÜFSicht Laut, Contact:  Ryan Swanson16418 Highland DriveDetroit Lakes, MN 56501Phone: (218) 844-9158Email: swansonkennelsllc@gmail.comWebsite: www.swansonkennels.com, Onja’s Statistics:VDH/KlM#: 18-0224Braun-weiss, Whelped: 2/14/2018, 52 cmHips: HD-A, HQ 1.00Ureter (A)Form/Coat Rating: SG/SGJGHV Testing:VJP 63HZP 178Sight Laut, Ero’s Statistics:VDH# 16-0366Brauns-weiss, Whelped: 3/20/2016, 56 cmHips: HD-A, HQ 0.98Ureter (A)Form/Coat Rating: V/VJGHV Tests:VJP: 77 ptsHZP: 192 ptsVGP 305 Prize II/TFSpur laut, Contact: Ross Siemers100 Canyon Ridge Rd.Negaunee, MI 49866Phone: (763) 257-5346Email: rfsiemers281@comcast.net. The cost to buy a Munsterlander varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. The breeding of the Kleine Munsterlander within KlM-GNA aims to provide the hunter a versatile dog in field, forest, and water. The current median price for all Munsterlanders sold is $1,600.00. The Small Munsterlander is first and foremost a versatile hunting dog and natural retriever with a medium range, solid pointing instinct, and strong desire for the water. purpose of educating all interested persons in the techniques The North American Versatile [Home] [What She weighs 30# and is 50 cm tall. My best hunting dog ever, Molly the Munsterlander aka (Dolly Vom Hollbach). The Small Munsterlander, being a versatile breed, is a very intelligent, trainable dog that requires gentle and patient training skills with very good results. The price of the breed is $800 – $1000. We generally host one or two invitation-only, at-cost hunting/training events per year at Brush Dale for our puppy buyers. Review how much Munsterlander puppies for sale sell for below. T The Breed. Small Münsterländers are among the most easily trainable of any pedigree dogs. Kleine (Small) Munsterlander Puppies and Dogs for Sale. Willow is a very smart dog. Price is $400.00. Weight : Male: 52.5 pounds (24.5 kg), Female: 45 pounds (20.5 k confirmation criteria and strict health screening requirements. [Picking a Puppy] She handles very well in the field. Your Gun Dog] [Scrapbook] The Small Munsterlander Pointer: A Complete and Comprehensive Owners Guide to: Buying, Owning, Health, Grooming, Training, Obedience, Understanding ... to Caring for a Dog from a Puppy to Old Age) [Care Professionals, Dog] on Amazon.com. Willow was born July 3, 2013. We carry x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, 2x large, 3x large, big and tall clothing for men, and other sizes. The average price of Small Munsterlander puppy is about $650. This page lists the planned or existing litters of Kleine Munsterlanders (also known as Small Munsterlanders) produced by Breeder Members of KlM-GNA. Hunting Dog Association, NAVHDA. They are known for their intelligence, eagerness to please, and amazing memory. and Canada, we strongly encourage all pups be run in a NAVHDA Height and Size:The average height of the Small Munsterlander is between 20-21 inches. Singleton pup is sold. It retains the working abilities of its larger ancestor and has proven to be a versatile dog in the field. They must also have been successfully tested in sactioned hunting Yana’s Statistics:VDH/KlM#: 12-0183Braunschimmel, Whelped: 2/28/2012, 52 cmHips: HD-A, HQ 0.98Ureter untersuchtForm/Coat Rating: SG/SGJGHVTesting:BTRVJP 76HZP 182Bundes HZP 191VGP 348 Prize ISight Laut, Hanno’s Statistics:VDH# 11-0750Braun-weiss, Whelped: 8/13/11, 54 cmHips: HD-A, HQ 1,00 Form/Coat Rating: SG/SGJGHV Testing:VJP 73HZP 184VGP 336 Prize ISpur Laut, HN, Contact:  Bobbe Carney617 Sheridan Rd.Waterloo, IA 50701Phone: (319) 883-0380Email: bobbe.carney@gmail.com, Pups arrived on 4/21/2020 – 3 males and 4 females – All puppies are sold, Onja’s Statistics:VDH/KlM#: 18-0224Braun-weiss, Whelped: 2/14/2018, 52 cmHips: HD-A, HQ 1.11Ureter untersuchtForm/Coat Rating: SG/SGJGHV Testing:VJP 63HZP 178Sight Laut, Claus’ Statistics:VDH# 16-0356Braunschimmel, Whelped: 3/25/2016, 54 cmHips: HD-A, HQ 1.01Ureter untersuchtForm/Coat Rating: SG/SGJGHV Tests:VJP: 66 ptsHZP: 151 ptsSpur laut/Scent Loud, Pups arrived on 5/15/2020 – 5 males and 2 females – All puppies are sold, Jetta’s Statistics:VDH# 17-0478Braunweiss, Whelped: 4/19/2017, 53 cmHips: HD-A HQ 0.96Ureter untersuchtForm/Coat Rating: SG/VJGHV Tests:VJP 71HZP 183 SuchensiegerSight Laut, Contact:  Ryan Swanson16418 Highland DriveDetroit Lakes, MN 56501Phone: (218) 844-9158Email: swansonkennelsllc@gmail.comWebsite: www.swansonkennels.com. trial and testing programs sponsored by organizations like North This page lists the planned or existing litters of Kleine Munsterlanders (also known as Small Munsterlanders) produced by Breeder Members of KlM-GNA. Cost:The average cost of the Small Munsterlander puppy is between $800-$1000 USD. cooperation and shared responsibility between the breeder and [Facilities] The underlying aim of There are three long haired versatile hunting breeds, the Deutsche Langhaar (German Longhair), the Grosse Münsterländer (Large Munsterlander) and the Kleine Münsterländer (Small Munsterlander).

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