Canaan Grafton Wentworth Maximum weight per bag is 20 kg (44 lb). Setting out only plastics accepted in the City or Orillia’s recycling program helps to keep recycling costs as low as possible. These areas include: North New Hampshire, Central New Hampshire, Southeast New Hampshire. CFLs and fluorescent tubes must be properly disposed. Although all of the seven different types of plastics can be recycled, some are very difficult or expensive to recycle because they are made up of a variety of plastic materials and/or non-plastic materials. Quick Facts Due to mercury concerns, recycling fluorescent bulbs is highly recommended by the Michigan Dept. Clean it up safely: Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, a toxin that is dangerous if inhaled. To ensure the ease of bringing your recycling to the curb on weeks where materials are in excess, the City of Orillia offers additional recycling boxes (large or small) for sale at the Waste Diversion Site for $5 each (HST included). For more information on where to get your green bin and how to use it, please click, The best option is to donate good hard cover books to charity. Are you a high school student looking to fulfill your volunteer hours? Each fluorescent tube contains mercury, a hazardous material that is also quite valuable, as well as aluminum and glass Seven states have banned lamps containing mercury from landfills Find a place near you to recycle your fluorescent tube with our Recycling Locator. Newton Limits may apply. Strafford Lempster Maximum weight is 20 kg or 44 lbs for set-out. Harrisville Lyman New London North Hampton Soiled paper, facial tissues, and paper towels (free of hygiene products) can be included in your green bin. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and with other energy-efficient lighting such as linear fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps contain a small amount of mercury, an element essential to achieving energy savings. Where can I recycle Fluorescent Light Bulbs in Colorado Springs ETech Recyclers LLC is your local recycling source in Colorado Springs for affordable and responsible Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling! If needed, place a framed reminder on the vanity to recycle. Lancaster Recycle Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Other Mercury Products Find nearby drop-off locations for items containing mercury. Chesterfield New Hampton Grafton Lyme Warren Francestown Orange Hart’s Location 2. Here are just a few of the environmental benefits of cloth: When cared for properly, cloth diapers can be reused hundreds of times, and even passed onto younger siblings, making them a cost effective choice as well. These areas include: North Kentucky, Central Kentucky, Southeast Kentucky, and the tri state regions and the Cumberland Plateau, the Bluegrass Region, the Pennyroyal Plateau, the Western Coal Fields, and the Jackson Purchase. Diapers currently account for almost 8% of collected waste in Orillia. Holderness All treasures are claimed in an "as is" condition. Webster 2. Newport Litchfield Wrapping paper (excluding foil wrap) can be included for recycling with your newspaper. Seabrook, Sharon Greenland Atkinson Londonderry Danbury Fluorescent Lamp Disposal: It Can Be Affordable and Easy. Dorchester Hampton Falls, Hancock Somersworth Some retailers accept used fluorescent bulbs back for recycling, but there are currently no province-wide programs established. First, please check to see if you can return them to the Garden Centre you purchased the plants at. On the week following the change to Daylight Savings Time in November residents can set out spent household batteries (AA, AAA, D, button batteries, etc.) California State Law Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes are considered Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and are prohibited by State law to be thrown away in the garbage. Enter your ZIP code to find a LightRecycle location near you. Lyndeborough Hampton Bath Cornish Deerfield Strafford Residents are encouraged to replace batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms when you change your clocks ahead or behind. See our, During winter months, if you don't have room on your driveway to place your Recycling Boxes and Green Bin, please cut a notch halfway up in the snow bank at the right edge of your driveway (when facing the. Visit Earth911 to locate both retail and local government locations to recycle CFLs and fluorescent tubes. Find a bottle recycling depot near me. We provide recycling and disposal for Fluorescent lamps bulbs CFL and batteries from all the regions throughout the state. Look for a drop box near the main entrance or customer service desk. The wheel kits are only $10 each (HST included) and fit right into your existing recycling box. Please do not include foil wrap (i.e., foil coated paper), waxed paper, soiled paper, facial tissues, or paper towels. We support Fluorescent lamp recycling and disposal for the following cities and counties in New Hampshire. Gilmanton You have one year to return them to us. Recycle! Other environmental issues to consider are the resources it takes to extract the water, to transport and distribute to you. If you’re planning to visit a depot, we encourage you to contact them directly to confirm hours of operation and safety protocols. Mercury is a natural heavy metal that is toxic to people and wildlife. Auburn Take items placed at the curb only. Set up a container to collect recyclables separately or use divided waste baskets to keep waste and recyclables separate. New Hampshire has many recycling education programs. Newfields Bennington Our pre-paid recycling program is for lamps/bulbs, exit signs, ballasts, batteries, electronics and thermostats. Residents of Orillia can also bring empty and clean plastic flower pots numbered 2 and 5 only to the Waste Diversion Site's Household Hazardous Waste Depot for recycling. Full Circle Inc. 509 Manida St. Bronx, NY 10474 800-775-1516 or local # 717-235-8710 Contact: Sean Fitzgerald. There is no charge for drop off. We accept all light bulbs to be recycled for free. Laconia When broken, these lamps release mercury and other metals that damage the environment. Cheshire As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. Madbury Sanbornton 3. You, or anyone with the link, can use it to retrieve your Cart at any time. Lowe’s Recycling Centres Minimize your impact on the environment by bringing your paint, batteries, lightbulbs, and fluorescent tubes to one of Lowe's Recycling Centres for safe disposal… When broken, incinerated, or buried in a landfill, they release mercury into the air, water and soil and endanger human health and the environment. Maine, Vermont, and Washington State require stewardship programs or regulate the disposal of mercury containing products including CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and HID (e.g., mercury vapor) lamps. What is the issue? Save wrapping paper, ribbons and bows to use again. Do not take any items from the lawn. Perhaps this could be the opportunity you are looking for. Give gifts in bags, boxes, and tins that can be reused for many years. Each kits price includes a container, all shipping costs to the recycling center, recycling costs and a certificate of recycling. Contact us at or Call us at (858) 412-6536 with any questions regarding recycling disposal of lamps or bulbs in your area. Warner Visit the Parenting By Nature Boutique at 15 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit 4 in Barrie, or search online at, Adult Diapers - Visit Babykins at Hudson While water bottles are accepted in Orillia’s recycling program, some bottles still end up in the garbage if they are not sorted and go to landfill. For CFLs, in particular, there are several recycling options. You should receive your container(s) in 3-8 business days or less once ordered. These, along with worn out fluorescent tubes, can be dropped off free of charge for recycling at the Household Hazardous Waste Depot. The City of Orillia now has available wheel kits with a pull cord that can be installed on your recycling box to allow you to roll it to the curb without having to lift it. Use your green bin for food scraps. Connecticut River Valley, Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee, Great North Woods, Lakes, Merrimack Valley, Monadnock, Seacoast, and the White Range Mountains. Empty aerosol cans can be placed in your Recycling Box for containers. The deposits apply to glass and plastic bottles, Tetra Pak cartons, aluminum cans and Bag-in-Box containers, and range from 10 cents to 20 cents depending on container size and type. Hopkinton Charge is based on entire load, not on the amount over 20 kilograms. Spent household batteries (AA, AAA, D, button, etc.) Connecticut River Valley, Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee, Great North Woods, Lakes, Merrimack Valley, Monadnock, Seacoast, and the White Range Mountains. Hillsborough Follow these instructions to safely clean up a broken bulb and limit your exposure to mercury. Peterborough Here are some tips to reduce waste at Christmas: Tires off the rim can be dropped off free of charge at the Waste Diversion Site at 100 Kitchener Street. Grantham Orford Middleton Fluorescent Light Tubes Description: ... in the garbage or for disposal at its transfer stations. These areas include: North New Hampshire, Central New Hampshire, Southeast New Hampshire. Sunapee, Surry Visit your school's guidance office to pick up a form to record these hours and to learn more. Designated fire station. Dover Please note; if you suspect or have confirmed that the mattresses and box springs you are dropping off contain bed bugs, please inform Waste Diversion Site staff at the Scalehouse. In most communities, there are several options for recycling used bulbs, including tube-style fluorescents and CFLs. Fees are rounded down to the dollar for cash transactions. Franconia Avoid gifts that are over-packaged if alternatives exist. Hanover For the protection of our workers, please wrap bed bug infested mattresses and box springs in a plastic liner or bag. Goshen Please add products before saving :). Waterville Valley Wakefield The City of Orillia has created these videos to help you improve your recycling and other waste diversion efforts! Wilton Keene Antrim Stoddard Here is a list of some of the local Orillia businesses that can fix your various items: Did you know that energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps contain mercury? Tap water is significantly cheaper than bottled water. By fixing and not pitching your broken household items, you'll be helping to save valuable landfill space. O ne 4-foot fluorescent tube can contain 3 – 40 m g of mercury vapour. As effective as it is at enabling white light, however, mercury (sometimes referred to as quicksilver) is also highly toxic. If you are a residential customer and have less than 40 bulbs, contact your local city hall and ask if your city has drop off locations for its residents. Some locations, like the Salvation Army and Value Village will even take ripped clothing, socks with holes in them, clothing with stains, underwear or other clothing that you may not think is good enough to donate. These bulbs are most commonly used for industrial lighting and in commercial buildings. Clarksville Barrington Minnesota Lamp Bulb Recycling. Businesses and Township residents are not permitted to drop off flower pots. These deposits are fully refundable if you return the empty containers with all of the labels still on the containers to any Beer Store outlet. Please click below to see how you can help the City stay one of the top recyclers in Ontario. Detailed Georgia Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Regulations. LightRecycle Washington Recycle mercury-containing lights at no charge by dropping them off at authorized collection sites. Carroll Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) – These curly tube bulbs are accepted at drop boxes inside Home Depot, Lowes and Ikea stores for free recycling. Carroll 3. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south; Vermont to the west; Maineand the Atlantic Ocean to the east; and Quebec (Canada) to the north. Greenfield Consider giving gifts that require little to no wrapping, such as gift certificates, concert tickets, memberships, etc. U-shaped and tube … If you require assistance or communication support, please contact 705-326-1502. Washington Mattresses are sent off-site to be recycled. Fitzwilliam Greenville Langdon Ellsworth Each year, Orillians throw away over 150 tonnes of textiles, such as clothing, shoes, backpacks, purses, belts, pillows and blankets, that go to landfill instead of being recycled. Improper handling or disposal of used fluorescent and high density discharge lamps damages the environment. Colebrook Companies located in New Hampshire include: PC Connection, Inc. (Merrimack); Sprague Resources LP (Portsmouth); NorAm International Partners (Hudson); RevereIT (Nashua); Planet Fitness (Newington); Mainstay Technologies (Laconia); Namtek (Bedford); RewardsNOW (Dover); KBW Financial Staffing and Recruiting (Bedford); and Horizon Technology (Salem). © City of Orillia, 50 Andrew Street South, Suite 300, Orillia, Ontario, L3V 7T5, Tel: (705) 325-1311, Fax: (705) 325-5178, Email: When a container is filled and sealed, the business can call the FedEx phone number that comes on each box to schedule a pre-paid pickup from their location. Wrapping paper (including tissue paper) may be placed with your regular mixed paper Recycling Box (newspapers, flyers, magazines, etc.) Alton Compost your pet waste in a separate backyard composter. This is because they go to landfill as they are considered residue. Residents can take these items to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at the Waste Diversion Site, where the paint will be sent for recycling. Batteries should not be thrown out with your regular as they contain heavy metals and corrosive material that can leach into the ground. Deering Allenstown Please call ahead if you are unsure of what is accepted. Please no clay pots - plastic pots only. Sullivan of Environmental Quality and is required for many facilities throughout the state Crushing fluorescent bulbs is allowed in Michigan with a permit to operate/install Prepaid recycling by mail is allowed in Michigan All lengths, U-Shape and Circular bulbs are accepted. Conway Tap water is transported from the municipal water treatment supply and travels less than 10km to you. Your Shopping Cart will be saved with Product pictures and information, and Cart Totals. Pittsburg -All treasures are claimed in an "as is" condition. Municipal tap water is regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) that has strict regulations for treatment, distribution and testing of drinking water. Over the past decade, more products have been placed within lower-value plastic packaging leading to a large increase in plastics having to be managed in municipal recycling programs and increased recycling program costs. Cat litter contains clay particles that clog sewers and damage pumping station equipment, which can lead to sewer back-ups. This has caused an increase in the public awareness of mercury. Hint:  Save your spent household batteries in a small container until you have enough to make a trip to one of these locations for recycling. Counties Serviced by BulbCycle in New Hampshire: Sullivan Orillia residents only. Hinsdale No charges apply if the flower pots are properly sorted into 2's and 5's. These, along with worn out fluorescent tubes, can be dropped off free of charge for recycling at the, Green bin/yard waste is collected on a weekly basis year round. H uman exposure to mercury can cause brain, nerve, kidney, and lung damage. Whitefield Windsor Windham Brookline New Castle Now all fluorescent lamps and tubes must be recycled, or taken to a household hazardous waste disposal facility, a universal waste handler (e.g., storage facility or broker), or an authorized recycling facility. Claremont Place your green bin out at the curb on your regular collection day. Cloth diapers can take less than 1 year to decompose; versus disposable diapers, which take about 500 years to decompose. Did you know that pet waste accounts for approximately 16% of collected waste in Orillia and is currently not accepted in Orillia's green bins? Benton 4. Enfield Full or partially full aerosol cans should be taken by residents to the, Backyard composters are available at the Waste Diversion Site for $25.00 each. Other Recycling Options Curbside Collection If you live in Daly City, Colma, Half Moon Bay, Portola Valley, or Woodside in a single-family home, you can place compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) only in a zip-top bag on top of your recycling bins on garbage day. Bartlett Scales weigh in five (5) kilogram increments. We support Fluorescent lamp recycling and disposal from all the regions throughout the state. Some local Batteries+Bulbs retail stores will accept and recycle all types of bulbs and ballasts, including fluorescent tubes. Lincoln, Lisbon Stewartstown Fluorescent tubes can last up to 15,000 hours making them a common choice for business, classrooms, etc. Berlin They will be picked up on your regular collection day and sent for recycling. On the website businesses can choose which containers will best serve their needs. 1. Compact fluorescent bulbs (the small, twisty CFLs) can be recycled for free at Lowe's retail locations. See some below: In addition to diverting glass, this recycling program reduces mercury going into our landfill site. You can now include dairy products, cooked meat and bones. Concord Westmoreland These lower quality items can still be recycled so please donate them as well where permitted. Construction insulation Styrofoam is not accepted. In addition, water resources are wasted when up to three times as much water is used than necessary to fill a bottle. Some local charities that accept donations include: Other charities like the Canadian Diabetes Association (1-800-226-8464), Kidney Clothes (1-800-414-3484) and Community Living Ontario (1-800-278-8025) will pick up your used clothing. Farmington Candia Fluorescent tubes (straight, curved, round shape, square, "U" shape, etc.) Weare Rinse bottles and fold cardboard to maximize space. When you choose to use cloth diapers, you are making a positive choice for the earth. The stringency chart below provides examples of state regulations compared to the EPA regulations. Here are some tips on how you can reduce pet waste going to Orillia's landfill: Pet waste including cat litter and bedding material should not be flushed down the toilet. Although wrapping paper is now recyclable, below are some suggestions on how you can reduce your gift wrapping waste: We attempt to make our website documents accessible, however, some of these documents may not completely meet the AODA accessibility requirements. Belmont Rye Madison Stark A refundable deposit is charged on all wine, beer and spirits purchased at LCBO and Ontario winery/distillery stores in containers larger than 100 ml. Goffstown Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time. Your Shopping Cart will be saved and you'll be given a link. Chester Milton Danville Read More > (Title 22, division 4.5, chapter 23, section 66273.8) Each container is pre-printed with simple step-by-step instructions in both English and Spanish. Chatham Compliance status should be verified with the environmental agency of the state where the facility is located. Bethlehem Dunbarton As it is looked upon as a food, sampling requirements are not as strict. Amherst Boscawen Mattresses and box springs are accepted from businesses and residents of Orillia at the Waste Diversion Site located at 100 Kitchener Street in Orillia for a fee. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. Hill Campton They can be purchased at the City's Waste Diversion Site located at 100 Kitchener Street. Bow, Brookfield Visit the Ontario Tire Stewardship website to find the drop off location nearest you. Many hard cover books have coating. Safely recycle fluorescent light tubes for free at a household hazardous waste drop-off site: Small quantities of fluorescent lights. South Hampton Rockingham See below for a list of local vendors: Newington Where to recycle dispose of lamps and Fluorescent light bulbs in New Hampshire? Alstead 2200 Ogden Ave. Suite 100 Lisle, IL 60532 800-909-9709 Fax: 866-909-6725. Exeter The good neighbour program encourages residents to be more aware of the needs of their neighbours - being seniors or those with physical disabilities - by providing assistance in bringing out and taking in their neighbour's recycling, garbage and green bin. Rollinsford Find Recycling Guides for Other Materials Ashland Leave unwanted but still useful household items at the curb after 5:00 p.m. on the Friday of the event weekend and remember to remove all uncollected items by Sunday at 11:00 p.m. (Note:  Residents who fail to remove uncollected "treasures" from the curb will be subject to fines pursuant to Chapter 877 of the City of Orillia Municipal Code - Solid Waste Management). Bring bagged diapers or tagged garbage directly to the Waste Diversion Site at 100 Kitchener St. for free drop-off. Epping, Epsom Instructional Video on Orillia's Household Hazardous Waste Depot and Electronics Recycling Depot. Your area may prohibit disposal and/or require recycling. Box 2962 … Springfield They should not be disposed of in your curbside trash. It enters the environment when you break or dispose of products containing it. Tuftonboro Consider 90% of the cost of bottled water is for packaging, shipping and marketing rather than the water itself. When diapers are placed out separately in clear plastic bags in Orillia, they do not require a garbage tag for collection. LEI Lamp Environmental Industries, Inc. 46257 Morris Road P.O. Walpole Breathing mercury's fumes, eating mercury-contaminated fish, or touching spilled mercury can be harmful. Below is a list of what to look for in the Yellow Pages for local repair shops. Orillia’s recycling program accepts the following sorted plastics in your recycling box for containers: The following items are not accepted in Orillia’s curbside recycling box program for the reasons noted: If any of these non-acceptable items are placed in your recycling boxes, they will lower the quality of the City’s recycling stream leading to higher recycling program costs. Once the containers have been received a business can fill them up at their own pace.

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