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 Natural Gas Employees Association

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The Natural Gas Employees’ Association exists:

  • To solicit and organize bargaining units of employees and act as a bargaining agent on behalf of employees in collective bargaining, through certification and voluntary recognition;
  • To negotiate with employers in good faith, to conclude collective agreements regarding rates of pay, hours of work and other working conditions.
  • To promote high standards of workmanship among its members;
  • To improve and maintain at a high level the moral, intellectual, physical and social conditions of employees;
  • To encourage the advancement of employees in their employment;
  • To regulate relations between employers and employees;
  • To promote the general welfare of its members;
  • To aid, deal or cooperate with other trade unions and organizations that have objects or purposes that are fully or partly similar to those of the Association;
  • To bring about united action by employees.


The Natural Gas Employees’ Association (NGEA) is a trade union representing the employees of ATCO Gas and Pipelines Limited-Gas Division and ATCO Gas and Pipelines Limited-Pipelines Division.

Mission Statement

The Natural Gas Employees’ Association is a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to provide equal and effective representation to ensure growth, development and well being of all its members.

NOTICE: NGEA's Response to the COVID-19 Virus. Learn More